Twitter is shutting down Revue their newsletter platform

Twitter is shutting down Revue their newsletter platform

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As of writing today is 14/12/2022 and Twitter sent out an email to users of their newsletter platform Revue informing them that they are going to be shutting it down. This has come as a complete surprise to all users including myself because it just came out of nowhere it's totally surreal.

This is going to have quite a big impact on users of the platform because it integrates seamlessly with Twitter and we can showcase how many subscribers we have on our profile. It's also a very simple way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter because the link is right there on your profile.

Newsletters are important because they have so much value and give you the ability to manage your audience in one place. You can have multiple social media channels but if some of them were to go out of business then that audience is lost. A newsletter prevents this from happening as you can maintain your audience indefinitely so long as they choose to be subscribed that is.

There are so many more benefits to having your own newsletter this is just scratching the surface.

Twitter profile Revue Newsletter section

Revue shutdown email

Now we will be forced to find an alternative newsletter platform which essentially means that we must now create some other external funnels to get people to sign up. It's a minor inconvenience but a little bit more work. A funnel is a collection of online pages organised such that visitors go steadily from one point of entry through a number of steps toward a certain objective or activity.

Revue export subscribers

Fortunately it's very easy to export all of your subscribers so that you can import them into a different newsletter platform.

What are the alternatives?

There are quite a lot of other email newsletter platforms out there to choose from. Personally I am likely to switch to ConvertKit or Mailchimp becauase I already have accounts with them I just have not used them because Revue integrated into Twitter which made it convenient. However the former two also have advanced features some which may even surpass Revue so it's not like you are going to be downgrading.

Elon Musk is making a lot of changes at Twitter so anything can happen. It makes more sense to use a newsletter platform that is more stable and has been around for a long time. 6 newsletter alternatives are:

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